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Tuesday's Warm Up Image


What is this cartoon saying?


Labor Laws in the U.S.

Focus Question: What laws does the United States have to make sure that people work under fair conditions?

Directions: Use the link next to your group to answer the appropriate research questions. Then create a short Google Presentation to share with your classmates.

- Group 1: Child Labor Laws
Under U.S. law, what jobs are people under 14 able to do?How does this change for people between 14 and 16? What hours are people this age able to work?How does the number of hours a person can work change when someone turns 16? What is one restriction that is still placed on what work they can do?
- Group 2: Fair Labor Standards Act
According to the FLSA, what is the minimum amount someone must be paid for a job?According to the FLSA, how long is the standard work week?How much would someone who works 40 hours a week at minimum wage make a year ?According to the FLSA, what do employers have to do to if someone works more than 40 hours a week?
- Group 3: Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)

Animal Farm Chapter 2 Assignment

After reading Chapter 2 of Animal Farm, please answer the following questions on your blog BEFORE the beginning of class on Wednesday, May 13:

1) Write a summary of the important events of the chapter.

2) We are introduced to several new historical figures/events in this chapter. Explain which animal matches which historical person/event and WHY you think this:

 Resignation of Tsar Nicholas IIJoseph StalinLeon Trotsky
3) Throughout the chapter, the pigs have to persuade their fellow animals to follow a certain course of action. First they have to persuade them to follow their ideas about "Animalism" and then they have to convince them to work. What persuasive techniques (pathos, logos, ethos) are they using? Make sure to include and explain quotes from the text. Hint: See pages 16-17, 25-26.
4) Another character in the book who uses persuasion is the raven, Moses. What persuasive technique do you think he is using? Why? Hint: See pages 17-18.
5) Finally, insert an image into …

Animal Farm Chapter 1 Reading Reflection

After reading Chapter 1, please complete the tasks/answer the questions below on YOUR blog.

1) Write a summary of the chapter. What important events occur?

2) Old Major is an important figure to the animals. They all look up to him. But as Old Major explains in his speech, he is old and not likely to live long. Of the characters mentioned in the story so far, which do you think would be most likely to replace Old Major as leader? Why?

3) As we've discussed in class, Animal Farm is an allegory for the Russian Revolution. The characters in the story represent real people and events in Russia. What ideas do you have right now about who some of the characters represent. Think about...

Tsar Nicholas IIVladimir LeninRussian nobilityRussian peasants After you've added your thoughts to your blog, check out your classmates' blogs. Respond to at least one other classmate. Your response should be several thoughtful sentences long. Please do not simply write, I agree! Explain why you a…

Journey of a Fly Rod

The Cost of a T Shirt

Using the pie chart above, determine:

- The actual ranking of the various roles on your cards. Which receives the most money for their work? Which receives the least?

Discuss with your partner:

- Are there any differences between your rankings about who should receive the most money for their work and who actually does?

- Do you think this way of dividing the profits is fair? Why or why not? If not, how would you change it?

May 4

Blog Post Assignment: What did you learn today about how "stuff" is made and distributed in a global economy?

Out of Class Work: Complete Tracking Your Possession steps 1-3.